About Me

Marvin L. Davenport

I got my start in the culinary industry in 1987 at a small French restaurant just outside of Atlanta, GA as a dishwasher, or when it was busy or when I was lucky enough, a prep chef. I have since been a sous chef, restaurant manager, restaurant owner, and done every odd job in between that you can think of.

My expertise lies in French delicacies and recipes, and vintage spirits. I attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. The program was intensive, and it gave me a strong foundation to run with when I started working at kitchens in Lyon, France. Having lived in France for half of a decade and learned from some of the best chefs in Lyon, I became obsessed with French cooking even more than I already was.

I opened my own French restaurant in Chicago, IL in 2003 that I’m proud to say has been very successful, spawning two other locations, one in Hoboken, NJ, and another in Boston, MA.