How to Become a Grilling Master With One Amazing Tool!

Meat Thermometer Thermapen

My family and I absolutely adore outdoor grilling, and during breezy afternoons in the summer, we bolt out of the house with our freezers and grilling equipment and set forth to our local park. With a packed car, each person is excited just to spend some quality family time laying out in the grass and grilling up some delicious, tender meats. But our first time was definitely not easy. In fact, it was quite the disaster because, simply put, we overcooked each and every single meat we tried grilling up. It wasn’t really our faults, or at least that’s what we’d like to think. We had a perfect brand new grill, quality cuts of meat, and a lot of patience when we started off; but no amount of dedication or quality equipment would save us from our rather lousy thermometer. Put simply, the thermometer we were using was just too slow in giving us accurate, real-time measurements of how well cooked the meats were, and by the time we would get the temperature readings we were looking for, the meat was long past the point of no return.

Luckily, we decided we wouldn’t make the same mistake again and bought one of the best meat thermometers we could buy, the Thermapen. Long story short, we never messed up a single piece of meat afterwards, always being able to grill up our meats with pin-point temperature readings that were dynamic and constantly changing as the meats were changing temperature. On top of this, we would often go to different parks, one time even grilling at a beach-side vacation house; inevitably, grilling at different places meant there was always something different that could potentially mess up our grilling and definitely make our thermometers less efficient But the Thermapen did a remarkable job in keeping real time temperature readings that were accurate and quite easy to read.

Although I did freak out one time after the thermometer accidentally plunged into the hot fire of the grill, upon retrieving it I noticed that it was still working and looked as if nothing had happened to it. And trust me when I say this: there hasn’t been a single thermometer I’ve ever used that has ever been able to do the same thing. In most cases, getting damaged like that would make the thermometer practically un-usable or at least require some form of calibrating. However, even using the Thermapen for several years now, it is still sturdy and as strong as ever.

It’s certainly been one of my favorite thermometers and a definite go to when grilling outdoors!

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